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Have you or one of your children been recently diagnosed as having scoliosis? If so, you may now be on the lookout for a non-surgical and drug-free approach to this condition. At Back to Mind, your preferred chiropractor in Hollywood, FL, our team has years of experience helping to bring relief to patients with scoliosis. We are looking forward to meeting with you to assess your condition and address any discomfort you may have.

What Is Scoliosis?

In a nutshell, scoliosis is a condition in which the spine has a sideways-shaped curve that has a measure of more than 10 degrees. Normal spines are straight, but when a patient has scoliosis, the spine may look like the letter “S” or “C.” Scoliosis can lead to back pain. In 80% of patients, scientists are still not certain how this deformity is caused. The other 20% of cases are caused by genetic problems or neurological or muscular disorders.

What Are Treatment Options for Scoliosis Wellness?

Conventional methods to treat patients with scoliosis include using a back brace to help prevent further progression of the condition. In some cases, especially when the spinal curve is quite profound, the option offered by standard Western medicine is back surgery. 

What a Chiropractor can do for Scoliosis

Dr. Gady Abramson is in charge of our chiropractic healing center and has a reputation for the compassion and knowledge that he brings to each patient who comes to our facility. We’re proud of the 127 reviews that we’ve received on Google +, which are a testament to how we bring pain relief and promote wellness.

To begin, our chiropractor will obtain your medical history as you talk during the initial consultation. Then, it will be time to conduct a thorough examination, taking note of the extent of your scoliosis, your range of motion and what level of discomfort you are currently experiencing. 

Dr. Abramson has a number of chiropractic options to address your case of scoliosis. For example, we can provide chiropractic adjustments to help cut down on inflammation to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers. When appropriate, we can employ lateral and vertical traction to your spine as we retrain the body’s muscle activation and walking patterns. We can also offer therapeutic massage. What’s more, our chiropractor can teach you exercises to maintain back strength and health that you can do at home as well as at your office.

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