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A stiff neck is not uncommon, but it can be a sign of more than just sleeping in a bad position. At Back to Mind, we understand neck pain can be debilitating, long lasting, and even a chronic condition. You don’t have to live with it. We offer comprehensive treatment options to help you feel better and experience more mobility. When you come in to see your chiropractor in our Hollywood office, you’ll receive one-on-one care and attention to your needs.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain occurs for many reasons. It can develop as a result of an injury or disease. It is commonly related to poor posture. Many times, individuals will struggle with neck pain that seems to last a long time and doesn’t fully go away. Others may suffer from the inability to move their neck well after an injury. We can help you with all of these situations. Common causes of neck pain include the following:

Misalignment of the Cervical Spine

The cervical spine is the upper portion of your spinal column. It is where the spinal cord travels to and connects with the brain. This area experiences a great deal of pressure and misalignment is very common. Our goal is to realign the spinal column to reduce pressure and pain.

Muscle Strains

Numerous muscles hold the head up and allow it to twist and turn. It is common for things like poor posture while sleeping or staining of the neck to cause muscle inflammation. In this case, our goal is to encourage healing of the damaged tissue.

Worn Joints

The cervical spine is made up of a number of joints, each interlocking. Over time, these can wear down often due to poor alignment or disc-related complications. Bone spurs can also develop in this area and cause significant pain.

Nerve Compression

Many patients experience nerve compression, where the joints and discs in the spinal column compress. This causes significant pain and limited movement.

Injuries and Diseases

Injury and disease can be the cause of the neck pain. Whiplash is one of these. It occurs when the head is moved quickly back and forward, damaging the tendons and muscles. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and meningitis can cause neck pain, too.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Neck Pain

If you are experiencing neck pain, come in to see our neck pain specialist. We will provide a full examination to determine the underlying cause so we can create an effective neck pain treatment plan. This may include manipulation which will help to better align the spinal column. During this process, we use forceful, but not painful movements to properly align the spinal column again. This reduces pressure on nerves and compaction of the discs here.

We may recommend other treatments as well including massage therapy. Our neck pain specialist may recommend nutritional support and corrective exercises for you. We may recommend improved posture (as well as posture screenings) throughout your life to reduce additional risk. Back to Mind provides customized neck pain treatment to address your needs.

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