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Back to Mind - South Florida Chiropractic Services | Car Accident Hollywood Florida
We wish to make each patient as healthy and productive as possible.
Vanessa Pino :
The Doctor with the Magic Hands
I feel Much Better Thank you So Much
Deena :

My name is Deena V , My Primary, Dr. H Sinclair sent me over to Dr. A because I was having sharp neck pain as well as back pain for probably a few months now. I came the first day they saw me they were very kind and that very next time I came he did a few adjustments and the pain was literally gone. I came back for like a week and a half now and I feel fantastic.

Lorna Smith :
My name is Lorna Smith i was referred by Dr. H Sinclair cause I was having severe back pain. i started seeing him on Monday May 5th and I was between a
9 and a 10. But today I was between a 1 and a 2. I am feeling much much better and I will really recommend anyone that is having pain to see Dr. Abramson

Michael Bresby :
Hello I am Michael Bresby I own a junk management company I came into Dr. Abramson office with a cane barely can walk, after a few treatments on the DPS table and some other therapies. I am up and around, standing straight, and back to work.
Dany Ben Moshe :
After the fourth visit I have seen the Difference and I love it.   10-24-2008
Kevin :
I felt 7/10 level of pain and after my second visit i feel no pain and can go back to regular life activities, thank you so much Dr. Abramson.
Dawn Meyer :
Dr. Abramson took care of me as a patient today I fall with a sliding glass door hitting me I came in with extreme pain with a 8 or 9 and I am leaving here today pain free .
Carmenza Vergara :

A Nurse From Johnson Memorial


Digna Rodriguez :
A Nurse who was treated for a year at another location without success and now ...
Barbara Turnquest :

Had shoulder pain at level pain 7 out of 10 today and leaving with no pain

Shanna Turnequest :
Hi I am Shanna I'm 16 I came in to Dr. Abramson's office with me mom because I was complaining about headaches 2 or 3 times a week for like some months, but 3 months ago he gave me a adjustment in the neck [she showing where you gave her adjustment at] and I don't have them anymore. They're all gone it feels good.
Alessandro Renzetti :
Hi my name is Alessandro Renzetti and really happy to find Dr. Abramson I'm really happy because when i was here for the first time I was in a lot of pain but now I feel really really good
Julissa Deleon :
My name is Julissa Deleon I came with the number 7 pain and now after one visit I feel like a number 1 pain and which is good after.  The people here are very nice, very kind, it’s a very good quality of treatment and I referred my friend because of that. the people I referred I told them they were going to be happy here because the people are very nice, very kind.
thanks you.
Janice Almore :

Much better motion to the neck no stiffness and no more pain


Timothy Knigh :

No more Pain


Louis Mosby :
Hello my name is Louis Mobsy and I am in the office with Dr. Abramson, I came to get my treatment and I have been feeling better and I am very happy at this office. And I will refer this office to anybody.
Raymundo Baltozar :
Sandra Diaz :

In Spanish

Julian Janna :
Julian Janna :

In Spanish


Ariela Misner Audio :
Orly Afrat :

In French

Avi Vaknin :

In Hebrew

Avi Sarussi :

In Hebrew

Kyle Pollard :

No more Headaches


Roxanne Vazquez :
Dr. Justin, Dentist :
“I would have to say that Dr. Abramson’s office is the nicest office I have been to for chiropractic care. I have been to chiropractic care in New York, North Carolina and three chiropractors in Florida. Dr. Abramson is the most outstanding doctor I have ever seen. This is Dr. Zalatan and I am a Dentist.”
Dr. Justin, Dentist Audio :
Mary Frank: :
“I feel comfortable and very secure with Dr. Abramson. I just got through a treatment with Dr. Abramson and I feel such a relief in my leg and hand. I feel like the pressure and the tension goes away when he gives me treatment and I feel like I want to walk or jog.”
Mary Frank Audio :
Yossi Lazar: :
“I am a robbery victim. It happened in New York City. I was seeing the best chiropractors in the city. In 20 years of seeing chiropractors, the best treatment I have received from all different chiropractors is Dr. Abramson. He gives the best treatment. I recommend Dr. Abramson to all of my friends.” 
Yossi Lazar Audio :
Maria Mesa :
“I am very happy with my treatments, the doctor is wonderful. I love the staff and how they treat me. I make a big effort in order to come here all the way from Homestead, FL to see Dr. Abramson even though it takes me 4 hours per visit. I am currently staying in a hotel just so I could see Dr. Abramson.”
In Spanish & English
Maria Mesa Audio :
Eliezer & Zehava Levi :
“We give Dr. Abramson a 10, everything in the clinic is great. I already feel better and know that continuing treatment will heal me ultimately. I trust Dr. Abramson with his level of skill and look forward to a speedy recovery.”
Eliezer & Zehava Levi Audio :

In Hebrew

Revital :
“I’ve been coming here since May 16th 2007, I had a car accident. I could barely walk and Dr. Abramson helped me a lot with the treatment here, I’m feeling much better now."
Revital Audio :
Ariela Misner :
“I have been coming to Dr. Abramson’s office for quite a few months now, after I had a little car accident, and my neck, and shoulder and my back was really bothering me, I was in pain and very uncomfortable, and I have to say that the difference after the 6 months that I visited there about 2-3 times a week, is unbelievable, especially after Dr. Abramson worked on my neck, adjusted my neck and my shoulder, it was just like a miracle, and I call him the magician doctor, and it was really a big improvement and I’m pregnant right now, and I have no problems anymore”

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