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Car Accident In Aventura?

Your Local Chiropractic Clinic In Aventura

With the state of the art Community Recreation Center, Founders Park & Waterways Park Expansion, and the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, the City of Aventura demonstrates a focus on community development. This growing city continues to progress and build a strong economy, but with extended growth comes extended traffic and a higher risk of being a victim of a collision.

What makes Back to mind Chiropractic Clinic the top local choice for a great car accident chiropractor? Aventura residents love our variety of services and the personal attention that we give every patient. Back to Mind Chiropractic Clinic has more than 10 different diagnostic tests and treatment options, allowing us to pinpoint the exact misalignments that are causing chronic pain and correct them with gentle, non-invasive, non-surgical treatments.

In addition to great service and options, a Back to Mind car accident chiropractor provides great results. We have patients who see immediate relief, and continue to feel great months or years after their first appointment. Whether you need a car accident chiropractor to help you overcome a recent crash or earlier injury, we can provide the right treatment at the right price. We`ll even work with your insurance company to get your work with our Chiropractic Clinic covered as much as we can!

We also maintain a list of lawyers who can help patients who need a car accident chiropractor. Aventura residents can refer to this list of qualified legal professionals who have all helped our patients in the past. These men and women will fight for you in court, helping you regain damages caused by your pain.

A pain free life is waiting for you. Call the top Chiropractic Clinic in Aventura, Back to Mind, and schedule your no charge introductory appointment now!

We proudly serve Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Broward: 954-200-7759.



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